Neirol Wynnsome Risky Biznes

Risky is my second German Shorthaired Pointer, the one I was not supposed to have. I wanted to see the litter since his mother & my ďRosieĒ are litter sisters, and his father is a handsome boy I had considered breeding Rosie to (before I decided I didnít have room to have a litter of puppies). Itís a long story, but Risky ended up coming home with me. I named him Risky because I didnít know if Iíd have a husband or not! Luckily, Norm canít resist a puppy. Risky is all boy, and is a real challenge to train, much different than the corgis! We were very lucky to start with Pati & are continuing training with Stuart. Weíve got a ways to go with him, but he is starting to think about maturing. (Fingers crossed!!) He is a lot of fun, though. He earned his Junior Hunter with four straight legs, just after he turned six months old. His breeder called him his ďBirdinatorĒ, since he was shooting over him at four months. I really think his agility has complemented his hunting, and vice-versa. Hopefully, he will get solid soon on his retrieving, and we can go for that Senior Hunter. Risky lacks one major of completing his championship, as well. He certainly has been keeping me busy. I have just started limited competition in agility with him, since Iíd been concentrating more on Lexus. When he decides to let his brain kick in (heís three - so itís time to start!) I think he will be lots of fun in agility. He has the speed and the heart, so watch for him when he uses his brains!

-Debbie Mosher