Brenilly Winona Ryder

SIRE: Ch Edelhof Silas (imp UK)
DAM: Ch Brenilly Nellie Melba

Rabbit was so named because of her little white tail that bobs as she jumps. Running her in agility can be like skating on a knife edge! She often bombs because she is over a wrong jump before Le gets to tell her the right way to go. But when Le gets her timing together, it can be rewarded by an amazing "zone run" with a first place sash. Trouble is, Le rarely holds it together for 20 obstacles, so masters passes are not that common! Rabbit is also the only one smart enough to have figured out how to open the refrigerator and ice box. Sometimes, she is just a little too clever for her handler! She earned her nickname of Ratbag!

-Le Hammer