MACH Clean Sweep Electra

Ellie is 6 years old and is a total joy to love and be a partner with. She started out life in the Burbank Animal Shelter, but her humble beginnings have not stopped her from enjoying life to the fullest. In 1999 Ellie placed 14th at the AKC Agility Nationals in the tough 20” division. In 2000 Ellie became the first GSP ever to earn the USDAA MAD, JM, GM and RM titles. Ellie is very close to achieving the AKC MACH title with over 900 points. She’s fast, but not as consistent as I would like. Be sure to look for Ellie in the AKC video “Jump into Agility” filmed at the AKC Nationals in 1999. But don’t blink, you’ll miss her, as she moves at warp speed through the tire.

-Kathy Marshall