Dome and Spuri

Malomközi Pajtás and Zitavári Nyúlűző Cseles

I am an agility and German Pointer fan from Hungary (27 yo). I began agility with my Vizsla in 1993. After his death I bought my great german pointer, Döme. I started to teach him agility at the age of 4 months, and he was only 15 months old when he won his first heat! He is 7 years old now and twice he has been member of Hungarian National Agility Team (at world championships in 1997 and in 1999 as a reserve), and twice national champion at the competition of clubs. He is a real sportdog: he loves agility l'art pour l'art, not for me or force. His competition level is A3 (FCI rules).

Three years ago Döme has had puppies and I have kept one of them. The name of this dog is Spuri, he is now 3 yo and is a fanatic competitor, too. Now he competes at level A2.

My two boys are among the fastest agility dogs in Hungary. Last August we have had an open heat and my two dogs won it, their course time were exactly the same (and no faults)!!! I hardly could beleive that it was not a joke.

-Bernadett Felleg
(top: Dome right: Spuri)